Payel Gupta, MD, on Ensuring Your Patient Is Using An Inhaler Properly

In this video, Payel Gupta, MD, explains a check list to help clinicians ensure their patients use an inhaler properly, including how and when to ask a patient to use the inhaler. 

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Payel Gupta, MD, is a volunteer national spokesperson for the American Lung Association affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital and SUNY Downstate Medical Center. 


Dr Payel Gupta:  The best way to ensure that a patient is using their inhaler properly is to suggest that they bring their inhaler and their spacer to their appointment. If you're doing spirometry in your office and you do pre and post spirometry, for example, then that's a great time to watch the patient use their inhaler.

Even if they don't need to use their inhaler right then and there, you can ask them to use their inhaler because it's so important that we watch them use their inhaler. Then, we can guide them and help them understand what steps maybe they weren't performing correctly.

The best way to make sure that your patients understand how to use their inhaler is to watch them do it and to have them demonstrate for you in the office.

Thank you so much for watching this video and for caring enough about your patients to ensure that they're properly using their inhaler.

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