Psoriatic arthritis

Measuring Physical Function Among Patients with PsA

According to new research, the Health Assessment Questionnaire disability index (HAQ DI), the Psoriatic Arthritis Impact of Disease instrument functional capacity score (PsAID‐FC), and 12‐item Short Form instrument physical component summary (SF‐12 PCS) are all valid  measures of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) physical function.

“We evaluated the psychometric properties of 3 patient‐reported outcome measures to assess the physical function in PsA,” the authors reported.

Research focused on data from a 14-country longitudinal study, including 414 adult patients (52% male) with definite PsA for 2 years or more.

“Ceiling effects were noted in 31% and 21% of patients for HAQ DI and PsAID‐FC, respectively; floor effects were minimal. All 3 patient‐reported outcome measures met a priori hypotheses for construct validity. PsAID‐FC was more sensitive to change than the other 2 patient‐reported outcome measures,” the authors concluded.



--Angelique Platas





Leung YY,  Orbai AM, Wit M, et al. Comparing the patient‐reported physical function outcome measures in a real‐life international cohort of patients with psoriatic arthritis AC&R April 2021 73(4)593-602