Video: Practical Updates in Primary Care

The Practical Side of Rheumatology

Monica Richey, MSN, NP

In this video, Monica Richey, MSN, NP, provides the take-home messages from her session "The Practical Side of Rheumatology" at our Practical Updates in Primary Care 2022 Virtual Series, including, a case of a patient with lupus and a case of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis, and the role of the primary care in patients with rheumatic diseases.

Monica Richey, MSN, NP, is an adult rheumatology nurse practitioner at Northwell Health (Long Island, NY). 

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Monica Richey: Hi guys. It's Monica Richey, again, just recapping everything that we just learned in this 30 minutes. We went through a case with the patient presenting with systemic lupus erythematosus with more severe complications. We went through the physical examination, the cutaneous manifestations, interpretation of lab results, and how do we make the diagnosis, the beginning of treatment, to all the available treatments. Talked a lot about lupus nephritis and the classification and treatment for each class. We also reviewed some of the most commonly used immunosuppressive therapies for lupus and how we follow up these patients.

Our second case was a review case for a patient presenting with rheumatoid arthritis. And again, we reviewed most the classical presentation of rheumatoid arthritis and then what the most common manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis and extra-articular manifestations are. We revealed the diagnosing criteria as well the laboratory that we need to do for those patients. And then, we went into the treatment from DMARDs to biologics to changes in biologics and to complications of treatment. We ended the presentation of the role of primary care in the treatment of rheumatic patients. Thank you.