Editor's Note

A Revitalized Consultant360—A Multidisciplinary Medical Information Network

Dear Readers,

Consultant360 has been revitalized! The site is now structured around the 1000+ disease states and conditions that health care providers treat. Looking for resources on asthma but cannot find them in the menu bar? Type “asthma” in the red search bar at the top of the homepage, and a list of relevant Disease State Hubs will be brought to your fingertips. This simpler approach will help you navigate the site more easily and find what you’re looking for more quickly.

Once you enter a Disease State Hub, you can navigate the customized menu bar for that topic, including interactive content, news stories, peer-reviewed journal articles, or expert insight interviews. This format helps emphasize what we already do well, which is deliver quick, accessible, practical content with great depth and breadth across topic areas.

In addition, users will also see updated article and archive pages for our legacy peer-reviewed digital journal, Consultant, as well as increased visibility into each monthly journal. Sign up for a site account to leave comments or questions for the authors:

Consultant360 has always connected health care providers across disciplines with information relevant to clinical practice, but now we truly focus on advancing a multidisciplinary approach to care, which is increasingly relevant in today’s practice. Our new tagline—a multidisciplinary medical information network—exemplifies this mission.

We will also be launching 3 new podcast series in January. “The 411” will be moderated by our Nutrition Section Editor, Lisa Jones, RDN, LDN, and will feature topics related to nutrition and dietetics. Another podcast will be moderated by our Lipid Disorders Section Editor, Seth Martin, MD, and will feature topics related to cardiology, vascular medicine, and lipid disorders. And “Critical Observations” will be moderated by our Critical Care Section Editor, Albert Rizzo, MD, and will feature topics related to pulmonology and critical care medicine. Make sure to sign up for e-news alerts so that you don’t miss out:

As you know, medical practice can change in an instant with, say, publication of new data or presentation of a new study. At Consultant360, we stay on top of the latest updates by publishing at the speed of digital. Now, the new Consultant360 will help you stay current at the speed of medicine. What do you think about the new Consultant360? Like it or hate it, share your feedback with us at

Amanda Balbi
Senior Managing Editor, Consultant360