New Assay has High Accuracy, Is Affordable for Genotyping HPV

The novel TypeSeq assay demonstrated high accuracy against 2 well-established assays for genotyping human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and for determining HPV vaccine efficacy, according to new findings.

The TypeSeq is a novel, next-generation, sequencing-based assay that can detect 51 HPV genotypes

To conduct the study, the researchers collected and examined cervical specimens from 2 large international epidemiologic studies: the Study to Understand Cervical Cancer Endpoints and Early Determinants (SUCCEED; n=2804) and the Costa Rica Vaccine Trial (CVT; n=2357).

In SUCCEED, positive agreement and risk of precancer for each genotype were calculated for TypeSeq compared with Linear Array. In CVT, positive agreement and vaccine efficacy were calculated for TypeSeq and SPF10-LiPA.

After their analysis of SUCCEED, the researchers found that TypeSeq and Linear Array had high overall and positive agreement for most genotypes, and no significant differences were seen in the risk of precancer between TypeSeq and Linear Array.

Their analysis of CVT data showed that TypeSeq and SPF10-LiPA also had high overall and positive agreement for most genotypes and did not show significant differences in estimates of vaccine efficacy between TypeSeq and SPF10-LiPA.

“The agreement of TypeSeq with Linear Array and SPF10-LiPA, 2 well-established standards for HPV genotyping, demonstrates its high accuracy,” the researchers concluded. “TypeSeq provides high-throughput, affordable HPV genotyping for world-wide studies of cervical precancer risk and of HPV vaccine efficacy.”

—Amanda Balbi


Wagner S, Roberson D, Boland J, et al. Evaluation of TypeSeq, a novel high-throughput, low-cost, next-generation sequencing-based assay for detection of 51 human papillomavirus genotypes. J Infect Dis. 2019;220(10):1609-1619.