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Many Patients Do Not Discuss Hypoglycemia With Their Health Care Provider

Despite having significant effects on emotional and physical health, many patients do not discuss severe hypoglycemic events with their health care providers, according to a recent study.

For their study, the researchers examined data from 324 individuals with insulin-treated diabetes who reported severe hypoglycemia within the past 3 years as well as caregivers of individuals with diabetes. The participants completed an online survey on the treatment of their hypoglycemia and their experiences.

Overall, 139 (43%) of the patients reported discussing severe hypoglycemia with their health care provider at every visit. However, of the 67% of participants who reported feeling scared during their most recent event, only 55% reported discussing it with their health care provider.

Both patients and caregivers reported that severe hypoglycemic events impacted their mood, emotional status, physical activities, and sleep.

“Severe hypoglycemia impacts the emotional and physical status of PWD and CGs. Despite this, many respondents did not report discussions about the most recent severe hypoglycemic event with HCPs,” the researchers concluded.

—Michael Potts


Mojdami D, Mitchell BD, Spaepen E, et al. Conversations and reactions around severe hypoglycemia study: results of hypoglycemia experiences in canadian adults with insulin-treated diabetes and their caregivers. Can J Diabetes. 2021;45(3):236-242. doi: 10.1016/j.jcjd.2020.08.104