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Surgical Outcomes Are Improved With Powered Stapler vs Manual Circular Stapler

A new powered circular stapler decreases the anastomotic leak rates by 74% and reduces 30-day inpatient hospital readmission rates by 44% when used for left-sided colorectal reconstructions compared with manual circular staplers.1

Researchers analyzed clinical outcomes by analyzing patient data from the Premier Health Care Database. Then they conducted a matching-adjusted indirect comparison of a single-arm trial of the ECHELON CIRCULAR Powered Stapler compared with a historical cohort of patients who had left-side colorectal resection using manual circular staplers.

Compared with the manual stapler cohort, the powered stapler cohort had drastically lower rates of 30-day inpatient readmission (6.1% vs 10.8%), anastomotic leak (1.8% vs 6.9%), ileus/small bowel obstruction (4.8% vs 14.7), infection (1.8% vs. 5.7%), and bleeding (1.8% vs. 9.2%) during hospital admission or within 30 days of the procedure.

 “The data is very positive in terms of postoperative complications and intraoperative events and ease of use, specifically related to the deployment of the circular powered stapler,” lead author Patricia Sylla, MD, said in a press release.2 “While anastomotic leaks are a complex problem with various contributing factors, the results of this study highlight the important role that the surgical stapler can play to reduce the potential for complications in colorectal surgery.”

—Jessica Bard


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