Going Back to Haiti

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After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, help from all around the world poured into Haiti.

The spontaneous and enormous outpouring of international aid at that time raised a hope that notwithstanding the abject misery and the rubble, that perhaps a new and better Haiti would emerge.

Sadly, in the almost three years since the earthquake, Haitians continue to suffer and despair reigns in place of hope.  

Haiti is still the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Only 10% of the population have a job. Over 300,000 people continue to live in squalor under tarps as the only housing available.

During the two weeks I volunteered in March 2010 I worked for several days in the Project Medishare "Mash" hospital tent. Project Medishare continues to run the  only acute care hospital in a country of 10 million!

This Christmas (2012) I decided to return to Haiti to work in the Project Medishare Hospital. Health care professionals and supplies continue in very short supply. I will do my best to help those I can in the three weeks I have available. Surely if we all continue to help, Haiti can be re-built as a better place.

My report on my experience working in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake was published in Consultant Pediatrician. You may read the report together with photos in the link below. 


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