Conference Coverage

Case-based Approaches to Diagnostic Radiology

Anthony Calabro, MA

In their session, “Diagnostic Radiology: A Symptomatic Approach,” Kathy Waitman DNP, APN-BC, AOCNP, Nurse Practitioner for the Billings Clinic in Billings, MT and Shaunna Kersten, CNS, MSN, ANP, a private health consultant in Bozeman, MT, set out to identify the most appropriate imaging modalities for common oncologic symptoms and reviewed the imaging history of three patients diagnosed with different forms of cancer.

They began their session by reviewing the history of radiology as well as different radiology modalities—from x-rays to nuclear imaging and even artificial intelligence (AI). The presenters noted that AI can detect abnormalities long before the appearance of clinical symptoms of several different types of cancers, including colon, breast, lung, pancreatic, head and neck cancer, and bone tumors.

The presenters then introduced three cases that highlighted the many different radiology modalities throughout the care continuum: a 40-year-old mother of two with a 2.8 cm irregularly shaped hyperdense mass with possible associated architectural distortion; a 66-year-old woman with peritoneal carcinoma and lung cancer; and a 65-year-old man with an unknown primary squamous cell carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, and bladder cancer. The presenters walked through each of their diagnostic imaging and workup, diagnoses, and status.

Ms Waitman and Ms Kersten end their presentation by offering two key takeaways: (1) there are many radiographic modalities, and so if you are uncertain about which one will provide the best information, consult with your radiology department. (2) don’t hesitate to utilize your resources if you suspect an oncologic emergency, including the Clinical Manual for the Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse (Fourth Edition).



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