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    Because few studies have evaluated the association of diabetes and HbA1c with postoperative outcomes, researchers aimed to investigate this potential relationship further in a cohort of 7565 surgical inpatients.


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    In this systematic review, presented at Digestive Disease Week 2018, the researchers assessed the effect of different diet plans on glycemic control and weight loss in patients with diabetes mellitus. To see their results, read more.
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    Previous research has suggested that more stringent glycemic targets are associated with increased mortality among older diabetes patients. In a new study, researchers aimed to specifically investigate the association of various levels of glycemic control and glycemic variability with mortality in this patient population.
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  • Susan Sloane
    In this commentary, author and diabetes educator Susan B. Sloane discusses 4 lessons she learned early on while taking care of her sons with diabetes. To read her story, click here.
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