Cardiometabolic Risk

  • exercise
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    Central arterial stiffness is known to increase with sedentary aging, while near-daily, vigorous endurance exercise can help prevent arterial stiffening with age. In a new study, researchers aimed to determine how much weekly exercise is required to help keep the heart young, and whether a less frequent “dose” of exercise has similar effects as more frequent exercise.


  • eggs
    Evidence on the effects of egg consumption on cardiometabolic risk in patients with type 2 diabetes is conflicting. In a recent study, researchers aimed to compare the effects of high- and low-egg diets on risk factors among this patient population.
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  • LDL-C and CVD risk
    In a recent meta-analysis of 34 trials and more than 270,000 participants, the authors aimed to compare the effects of more and less intensive LDL-C lowering on both all-cause and cardiovascular-specific mortality, and how baseline levels of LDL-C affected the success of these risk reduction strategies.
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  • alcohol
    Low-risk recommendations for alcohol consumption vary greatly across different national guidelines, and new research suggests that the upper limits of alcohol consumption in these guidelines may not be low enough.
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