• cannabis
    Although cannabis is commonly used to alleviate mental health symptoms, few studies have investigated the acute effects of the drug in everyday life. In a new study, researchers evaluated the short- and long-term perceived effects of cannabis use on anxiety, depression and stress symptoms.
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  • depression
    Individuals who are in remission or recovery from major depressive disorder are commonly kept on antidepressants to prevent relapse. Now, the authors of a recent study are proposing preventive cognitive therapy as a potential alternative.
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  • haloperidol
    Researchers compared the risk of mortality with haloperidol and atypical antipsychotics for the management of delirium following hospitalization for a heart attack.
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  • Raymond Cho psychiatry

    Dr Raymond Cho, from Baylor College of Medicine, discusses the upcoming SARDAA conference on schizophrenia and his outlook on mental health in the United States.

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