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  • Dr Martin Holt
    Consultant 360
    A new study of more than 27,000 MSM has indicated that increased HIV PrEP use has unexpectedly led to decreased condom use among men not using PrEP. Consultant360 spoke with lead study author Martin Holt, PhD, about these findings and what they mean for STI prevention in this patient population.


  • pregnancy belly
    Results from an analysis of more than 2700 HIV-serodiscordant couples suggest that biological changes during and after pregnancy affect the woman’s risk for acquiring HIV infection. For results, read more.
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  • pills
    A more palatable, yet safe and effective, antiretroviral treatment for HIV-infected children is needed. The PRINCE-2 clinical trial aims to find and test these treatments. In this analysis, the researchers treated and followed 99 children for 48 weeks.
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  • PrEP
    Although PrEP use has increased rapidly in various parts of the world, its effect on condom use among gay and bisexual men is not well characterized. In a new study, researchers explored trends in condom use in this patient population and how PrEP use may have impacted these trends.
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