T2D: Don't Sugar Coat It

The Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Patients With T2D


What are the prevalence, increased risk, and impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D)? Join experts: Dr John Anderson (primary care physician), Dr Pam Taub (cardiologist), and Dr Mark Greathouse (cardiologist) as they review the relationship between T2D and CVD, including how T2D exacerbates CVD and the risk from CVD, and what the national medical associations recommend for patients with T2D and CVD.

This podcast is sponsored by Novo Nordisk and is intended for clinicians.

John E. Anderson, MD Internal Medicine and Diabetes The Frist Clinic Nashville, Tennessee

Pam Taub, MD, FACC Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness Center UC San Diego Health San Diego, California

Mark Greathouse, MD Senior Clinical Cardiologist St. Clair Health Pittsburg, Pennsylvania