Oral Candidiasis

Slideshow: Cases of Oral Candidiasis

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  • Oral candidiasis, or thrush, can be related to poor dentition or immunosuppression, particularly as a result of oral corticosteroid use. Thrush appears as white plaques that overlie areas of erythema on the buccal, palatal, or oropharyngeal mucosa. In most patients, the white film can be easily removed, which may reveal small ulcerations. Click through for 3 case reports involving oral candidiasis.

  • Oral Candidiasis in a Breastfed Infant: Treat the Mother As Well?

    A 3-month-old girl with oral candidiasis had been born to a 24-year-old, gravid 2, para 1 mother at 37 weeks’ gestation after an uncomplicated pregnancy and normal spontaneous delivery. The infant had presented with a white tongue—white, curd-like discrete plaques were evident on the tongue and palate of the otherwise healthy patient. No diaper rash was noted. The child was breastfed and healthy, and neither she nor her mother had been taking an antibiotic.

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  • Candidiasis in a Woman With Type 2 Diabetes

    A 52-year-old woman with obesity and a 5-year history of type 2 diabetes mellitus had odynophagia and dysphagia for several days. She described the sensation as food "sticking" in her chest. She also complained of vaginal itching, polyuria, and polydipsia. The only remarkable finding on physical examination was candidal vaginitis. The patient did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcoholic beverages, and there was no history of recent weight loss.

    Peroral endoscopy revealed esophageal mucosa coated with confluent, protuberant, yellowish white, plaque-like lesions with the appearance of cottage cheese.

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  • Oral and Cutaneous Candidiasis

    For the past 2 weeks, a 13-year-old girl had fever and blisters on her lips. Two days earlier, a rash appeared under her arm and on her face. The rash caused slight discomfort, which she described as a burning, itchy sensation. The rash on her lip had persisted despite application of docosanol 10% cream; she had not used any prescription medications. She had no discharge from the affected areas. 

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