Expert Conversations: A Round Table Discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion With Young Health Professionals

In this podcast, 5 young health professionals and an experienced mentor make the future look brighter as they share insights and experiences of overcoming bias and racism. This inspiring discussion explores how a growing awareness of systemic inequities often coincides with the transition to adulthood and the academic demands of the health professions. Final consensus? Be the change you want to see. With Sonya Seymour, Taylor McClendon, Alexis Flen, Emily Lau, D’Jata Barrett and Kaylan Jackson. 

Sonya Seymour is the director of partnerships and programs with Nth Dimensions, a pipeline program for women and underrepresented minorities seeking competitive medical specialties. She is also a member of the Movement is Life Steering Committee where she helps to eliminate health disparities nationwide.


Published in partnership with Movement is Life

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