Nutritional Pearls


soda cans
Sugared sodas not only affect blood glucose, but also cognitive performance, especially in patients with diabetes.


  • Sam is a 55-year-old man who is concerned about his risk of developing Alzheimer disease later in life. Recently, he read that because of their high cholesterol content, eggs could increase his risk of dementia. He asks if he should cut eggs out of his diet all together, to reduce this risk.
  • Mitch is a 42-year-old man concerned about his risk of developing cancer. Several of his family members have developed cancer in recent years, and at a recent checkup, Mitch asks if there are any lifestyle changes he can make to lower his risk.
  • Joe is a 40-year-old obese man with prediabetes who is struggling to lose weight. At his most recent checkup, he tells you that he rarely eats breakfast and instead has a large lunch and dinner. He asks if this could be affecting his weight-loss efforts.
  • Tom is a 43-year-old overweight man who has had trouble exercising in the past. He tells you that whenever he begins an exercise regimen, he becomes discouraged after several weeks when he fails to lose any weight, and “doesn’t see the point” of continuing.
  • Joe is a 53-year-old obese man who recently had a heart attack. He is concerned about his risk of having a second heart attack, but when you suggest that he improve his diet, he says, “Isn’t it a little late for that at this point?”
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    It is important to maintain your overall health as you get older, including a normal body weight.
  • Sam is a 36-year-old obese man struggling to lose weight. He has tried numerous diets in the past, but no matter how much weight he loses, he always gains it all back rather quickly. At a recent check-up, he asks you if you have any suggestions on how he can better lose weight and keep it off in the long-term.
  • Switching to whole grains could help to lower blood pressure levels.
  • Robert, a 34-year-old man, has been struggling with his weight since he was a teenager.
  • Charles is a 46-year old healthy man who is concerned about his risk of developing prostate cancer. The condition runs in his family, and Charles asks if there are any particular lifestyle changes he could make to lower his risk.