Risk Factors for Blood Transfusion With Ectopic Pregnancy

Factors including age, blood pressure, and hemoglobin are associated with the risk of blood transfusion among women undergoing surgery for ectopic pregnancy, according to results of a study presented at AAGL Virtual 2020.

In order to examine risk factors associated with blood transfusion in women with ectopic pregnancy undergoing surgery, the researchers conducted a review and analysis of data from 252 women. Overall, 8.7% of participants required blood transfusion (n = 22), with increasing age, decreased systolic blood pressure on presentation, lower minimum systolic blood pressure, lower minimum diastolic blood pressure, and lower preoperative hemoglobin all being associated with higher rates of transfusion.

Further, women who had previously underwent cesarean section were more likely to undergo transfusion, and heart rate, ectopic size, and history of pelvic inflammatory disease were not associated with transfusion risk.

“There is a high rate of transfusion in women undergoing surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy. Identification of preoperative, potentially modifiable risk factors should aid in targeting interventions to improve transfusion rates in this young population,” the researchers concluded.

—Michael Potts


Cullifer RM, Huynh TQ, Pacis MM, Makai GEH. Risk factors for blood transfusion in women requiring surgical management of ectopic pregnancy. Presented at AAGL Virtual 2020. November 6-14. Virtual.