Business Insider decided to learn a bit more about Costco and hot dogs and spoke with 36 Costco employees.

What's the impact of food on people with major depression? A recent study researched that very question.

Genie develops and markets smart ovens, which the company says can cook restaurant-grade meals in 2 to 3 minutes from pods containing freeze-dried foodstuffs. 

Food and beverage companies are moving past using technology for operations and logistic efficiencies and on to how to meet consumer desires.  

According to the National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, those mega-sponsorship deals between food and beverage companies and professional sports leagues may be contributing to the nation's obesity problem.

A state bill banning localities from taxing food and beverages came out of nowhere in Michigan. 

A new research report published in Health Affairs suggests that serving higher quality customized foods may actually reduce their stay and healthcare costs.

A judge in California has ruled that coffee companies in California must label each with a cancer warning label.

Salad chains are popping up all across the United States, but Sweetgreens is noteworthy.

Artisola, the brand of fresh pasta wanted to know who cooks at home, so they surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 27% cook at home every single day.