Research and Literature


Ribose can be used as a medication and supplement (as D-ribose). Clinically, it is used by people with the genetic muscle condition myoadenylate deaminase deficiency (MAD) to improve their symptoms.

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Food Trends

2018 Top Food Trends

Food trends are always changing, and Nutrition411 tracks these food trends for you! Here is our list of the top 4 food trends so far of 2018.
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Fruits and Vegetables

Berries: Reap the Nutritional Benefits

Delicious, beautiful, sweet, and simple—berries are as healthful as they are diverse. Recent research has focused on how and why berries are such a superfood.

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Blood Glucose

Nutritional Supplements for Glycemic Control

Nutritional supplements and functional foods are among the most widely used form of CAM, and their use has been increasing in the United States and worldwide.

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Food Trends

You Know About 3 and 6, What About 9?

The benefits of omega-9 fatty acids have been in the news. They are non-essential, and our bodies can synthesize them on their own, so they will likely not become as popular... | Read More

Diet and Nutrition

Fiber Up for Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommend that individuals with diabetes eat a balanced diet that includes high fiber, complex carbohydrate foods. Read more about these... | Read More

Diet and Nutrition

Fluid Restriction: Salty Foods to Avoid

The following list shows foods that are very high in salt. Foods high in salt will make you thirsty, so it is important to avoid eating them. A low sodium diet limits sodium... | Read More

Feeding and Medical Challenges

Eating Disorder Recovery

While eating disorders are a mental illness, many physical manifestations of the disease exist. This patient handout guides the patient with advice on how to tell if they are... | Read More