Fiber Up for Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association recommend that individuals with diabetes eat a balanced diet that includes high fiber, complex carbohydrate foods. Read more about these recommendations.

Grains and Grain Alternatives

When looking for new grains to try, make sure you choose whole grains. But do you know everything about quinoa, buckwheat, and spelt? Read on to learn more. 

Fiber: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Agent

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that packs a plethora of health benefits due to its many physiologic functions.

Strategies for Increasing Dietary Fiber Intake Q&A

Eat at least 6 ounce-equivalents of grains per day, substituting whole grain products– for at least half of all refined grains.

Gastrointestinal Tract Q&A

Soluble fiber forms a gel inside your GI tract, and it will improve diarrhea.

Fiber and Relief of Constipation

Constipation may have many causes, but generally, there are three main types of primary or idiopathic constipation.

Can Eating More Fiber Prevent Heart Disease?

It seems that a high-fiber diet protects against heart disease.

Dave’s Killer Bread® Bagels

With a name like Dave’s Killer Bread® (DKB) you might only expect to find amazing breads, but now they’re baking a new, killer lineup of organic bagels too.