Fiber and Grains

Move Over Quinoa

May 2, 2017   /
Stacia Helfand, MEd, RD, CDN

It's hard to believe, but quinoa's day in the sun is starting to sunset. Food trend experts aren't agreeing whether millet (yes, bird food!) or amaranth (like quinoa, a seed and not a grain) is next to have time in the limelight, but both are nutrient dense, vitamin-rich choices and should have their time to shine. Try millet in a dish where you might otherwise want polenta; its fluffy and creamy texture makes it great for absorbing sauces. Use amaranth, once popular with the Aztecs, in soups, stews, and breakfast cereals, or toast it up and sprinkle it on as a topping for yogurt. Both millet and amaranth deserve a front seat in your well-stocked pantry.