Book/Product Reviews

Rootz Paleo Protein Superfood

The inspiration for Rootz Nutrition came when the company founder and daily cross-trainer, Harrison Levy, had taken up the Paleolithic diet in 2011. Read on to learn about the specifics of this product. 

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Feeding and Medical Challenges

Eating Disorders in the Very Young

Early onset eating disorders or juvenile eating disorders are becoming frighteningly more common. It is important to prepare parents and children with the tools to combat this trend. 

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Food Trends

Air Fryers Heat it Up

Air fryers require 70% to 75% less oil and have made their impact on the fried food world. Do you have one yet?

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How Healthy Obesity May Still Be a Risk

What is the correlation between healthy obesity and cardiovascular disease? In this Q&A Dr Mongraw-Chaffin breaks down the challenging topic of healthy obesity and how her research findings may impact these patients.  

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Older Adults

Unintended Weight Loss in Older Adults

Older adults are at increased risk for weight loss and malnutrition, and they should be monitored closely. Read more about the updates to these guidelines.


Fish Oil Supplements: Which Ones to Buy

Many patients are aware of the health benefits that fish oil supplements offer. But are you aware of all the recent research surrounding the supplements? Read this to ensure... | Read More


Lactose Intolerance Fact Sheet

This Q&A patient handout highlights questions that patients frequently ask regarding lactose intolerance and answers from Nutrition411 staff. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Superfruits: A Look at the Research

Superfruits are a popular food trend among RDNs as well as patients. But is there research to back up the superfruit superpowers many individuals claim? We broke down the... | Read More