Pearls of Wisdom: Cost Effective Acne Treatments


  • The high school prom is only 6 weeks away and you are seeing an influx of teenage patients asking for help with their acne.  

    None of these patients have questioned your recommended treatment, but the frequency of which you have been addressing these problems makes you wonder about the most cost-effective regimen for treatment of adolescent acne, particularly in a community setting? 

    A. Levofloxacin
    B. Benzoyl peroxide
    C. Azithromycin
    D. Minocycline    

    What is the correct answer?
    (Answer and discussion on next page)

    Louis Kuritzky, MD, has been involved in medical education since the 1970s. Drawing upon years of clinical experience, he has crafted each year for almost 3 decades a collection of items that are often underappreciated by clinicians, yet important for patients. His “Pearls of Wisdom” as we like to call them, have been shared with primary care physicians annually in an educational presentation entitled 5TIWIKLY (“5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year”…. or the grammatically correct, “5 Things I Wish I’d Known Last Year”).