Hepatitis C

Can switching statins impact hepatitis c treatment?

Switching statins, compared with maintained or interrupted use, did not impact total cholesterol or the rates of adverse events in patients with hepatitis C taking glecaprevir/pibrentasvir (G/P), according to a recent study.

Currently, certain statins are not recommended for concomitant use with G/P in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection.

Hepatitis C Virus Treatments and Screening
Staging and Treating Early-Stage Hepatitis C Virus

In order to examine the impact of switching to rosuvastatin or pravastatin compared with maintaining or interrupting current statin use, researchers collected the safety and efficacy data of 2369 HCV-infected GT 1-6 patients treated with G/P. The patients were grouped by those who switched from a non-recommended to recommended statin, maintained the same statin, or interrupted statin use prior to G/P treatment.

Overall, 135 of the 2369 patients received statins prior to G/P therapy, with 35 switching to a recommended statin, 43 maintaining the same statin, and 57 interrupting statin use. Mean total cholesterol increased by 6.1 mg/dL and 8.6 mg/dL in patients who switched or maintained statins, respectively, and increased by 18 mg/dL in those who interrupted statin use. Rates of adverse events were similar across the 3 groups, and sustained virologic response at 12 weeks was 98% or higher in all subgroups managing statins.

“Switching statins did not impact total cholesterol or the types and rates of reported AEs in patients receiving G/P. High SVR12 rates were observed in all groups.”

—Michael Potts


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