Bilateral Pseudomamma

June 8, 2018

Jessica Fennell, MD, and Patricia Garcia, MD, MPH
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Hartford, Connecticut

Fennell J, Garcia P. Bilateral pseudomamma [published online June 8, 2018]. Consultant for Pediatricians.


During a routine well-child visit, the parents of a 2-month-old girl pointed out “lumps” near the child’s axillae. The infant was the product of a full-term gestation and had been growing and developing normally.

Physical examination. On the lateral aspect of each pectoralis major, the child had 1-cm flat circular areas of hyperpigmentation. The lesions were located superolateral to the areolae and were symmetric in position. Further examination confirmed that each lesion had a central protuberance, but no underlying tissue was palpated (Figures 1-3).

Based on the physical examination findings, the patient received a clinical diagnosis of polymastia (pseudomamma) in the axillary line.

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