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FIGARO-DKD Trial Outcomes

James Matera, DO
Practicing Nephrologist, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs, and Chief Medical Officer
CentraState Medical Center, Freehold, New Jersey

A recent article highlighted results of the FIGARO-DKD trial, where wider ranges of chronic kidney disease (CKD, stage 2 to 4) were reviewed. This trial also showed that finerenone reduced cardiovascular adverse events in patients with more advanced CKD.1


  1. Pitt B, Filippatos G, Agarwal R, et al; FIGARO-DKD Investigators. Cardiovascular events with finerenone in kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. New Engl J Med. Published online August 28, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1056/nejmoa2110956