Patient-Provider Relationship

For Uterine Fibroid Treatment, Patients Prefer a Detailed, Shared Decision-Making Approach

Results of a recent patient survey reveal that women with a diagnosis of uterine fibroids prefer to be part of the decision-making process when it comes to their treatment plan, especially since hysterectomy remains the standard of care.

“Women advocated for expanded shared decision-making that acknowledged their contribution to their own treatment plan and felt early screening and improved patient/provider education of uterine fibroid symptoms would facilitate greater congruence between treatment approaches and patient goals,” the researchers wrote.

For the survey, 47 women with uterine fibroids were interviewed about their experience with shared decision-making during the treatment process.

Results showed that many of the women “expressed a desire for a more proactive therapeutic approach,” the researchers wrote. That could include a more-detailed discussion with their physician about medical and surgical treatment options, as well as a discussion about the impact symptoms have on patients’ quality of life.

“Despite the considerable impact on personal and psychosocial well-being, many participants felt that providers did not adequately take into account their lived experiences and values during the treatment process,” the researchers wrote. “Efforts to actively engage women in the shared decision-making process, including discussion of nonsurgical interventions, may facilitate greater patient agency and autonomy in uterine fibroid management and treatment acceptance.”

—Amanda Balbi


Riggan KA, Stewart EA, Balls-Berry JE, Venable S, Allyse MA. Patient recommendations for shared decision-making in uterine fibroid treatment decisions. J Patient Exp. Published online October 20, 2021.