FDA Approves New Psoriasis Treatment for Adolescents

The FDA recently approved calcipotriene (Sorilux) foam 0.005% for the treatment of plaque psoriasis in patients aged 12 years and older.

Calcipotriene is a synthetic vitamin D3 analogue that is applied twice daily to the scalp and/or body.
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The approval was based on data from two 8-week placebo-controlled trials that included patients with mild to moderate psoriasis on the body, as well as 8-week trial that included patients with moderate psoriasis on the scalp.

Application site erythema and pain were the most commonly reported adverse reactions. Patients with hypercalcemia should not receive calcipotriene.

Melissa Weiss

FDA approves SORILUX(R) for adolescent plaque psoriasis [press release]. Adelaide, Australia. Mayne Pharma. May 22, 2019. Accessed May 23, 2019.