Daniel Einhorn diabetes

Dr Daniel Einhorn from Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute talks about the "debate of 2018": ACP's new guidance on controlling HbA1c levels in adults with diabetes.

Daniel Eiras epidemiology

Dr Daniel P. Eiras from NYU Langone Health speaks about the ebola outbreak, what caused it, how its being contained, and more.

tobacco addiction

The author of the April PhotoQuiz, Dr Sonia A. Talwar, talks about her case report as well as other nail discoloration conditions.

Joel Gelfand dermatology

Dr Joel Gelfand from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine discusses his latest research on the interaction between psoriasis medication and cardiovascular disease.

Michael Bloch cardiology

Dr Michael Bloch from Blue Spruce Medical Consultants talks about the ACP's new hypertension guidance, the new "prehypertension" group of patients, and more.

Jamie Koufman

Dr Jamie Koufman from the Voice Institute of New York discusses proton pump inhibitors—their adverse effects, alternatives, and more.

Mikhail Kosiborod cardiology

Dr Seth Baum interviews Dr Mikhail Kosiborod about clinical trial data surrounding the possible mechanisms of action of SLGT2 inhibitors for heart failure, as well as the cardio-renal connection.

Laura Hollar WUSTL

In this podcast, Dr Laura Hollar from Washington University School of Medicine discusses her latest Diabetes Q&A column about the interaction between diabetes and vitamin D deficiency.

Peter Jones Cardiology

Dr Peter Jones from Houston Methodist Hospital discusses cardiovascular disease and lipids, topics in which he is speaking about during Consultant360's Cardiometabolic Risk Summit this year.

Julia Piwoz pediatric infectious diseases

Dr Julia Piwoz from Hackensack Meridian Health talks to us about the pertussis resurgence and how it relates to vaccination, vaccination in pregnancy, and more.

Michael Reid HIV

In this podcast, Dr Michael Reid from University of California, San Francisco, discusses the prevalence of obesity in patients with HIV, HIV treatments that may lead to obesity, and other anti-retroviral medications.