Our Thanks to Reviewers in 2010

At Consultant, our goal is to provide the practical, authoritative information you need to best serve your patients. That is why we "pre-test" article ideas (before we invite articles on those topics) to be sure they are of real interest to you and your colleagues. It is also why we take great care in checking facts, creating useful tables and figures, and choosing illustrations and photographs to enhance teaching messages.

And it is why all articles we publish must survive peer review not only by the distinguished leaders in primary care who make up our editorial board but also by several specialists and primary care physicians culled from Consultant readers. We ask reviewers to consider whether the discussion is accurate, balanced, complete, and timely; the drug regimens are reasonable; controversies are fairly outlined; the clinical advice is clear; and the recommended diagnostic and therapeutic measures are widely available in the community.

The questions these reviewers pose help the authors and staff keep Consultant squarely focused on your educational needs.

In this, the last issue of our 50th year of publication, we want to extend our thanks to the following reviewers who appraised at least one manuscript for us in 2010.

Navin M. Amin, MD
Sandra L. Argenio, MD
Richard Balon, MD
Kirk Barber, MD
J. David Beckham, MD
Gerald Bernstein, MD
Henry R. Black, MD
Robert P. Blereau, MD
William J. Brady, MD
Charles S. Bryan, MD
R. Michael Buckley, MD
Lee S. Caplan, MD, PhD
Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MPH
Mercedes R. Carnethon, PhD
Michael B. Chancellor, MD
Rachmel Cherner, MD
John F. Connolly, MD
Mary E. Costanza, MD
David Effron, MD
S. Ather Enam, MD, PhD
Richard G. Farmer, MD
Faith T. Fitzgerald, MD
Peter Frank, DO
David R. Garr, MD
Paul Gleich, MD
Ladan Golestaneh, MD
Caron M. Grin, MD
Michael E. Hagensee, MD, PhD
Gregory S. Harmon, MD
Richard Harrigan, MD
Warren A. Heffron, MD
Jorge L. Herrera, MD
Russell J. Hopp, DO
Grace Brooke Huffman, MD
Ben Huneycutt, MD
Steve Iliffe, FRCGP
Jonathan S. Ilowite, MD
Mohit Jain, MD
Kenar D. Jhaveri, MD
Melissa Jones, PharmD
Deepak M. Kamat, MD, PhD
David L. Kaplan, MD
Lawrence I. Kaplan, MD
Jeffrey T. Kirchner, MD
Harvey M. Kramer, MD
Robert E. Leach, MD
Edgar V. Lerma, MD
Alexander K. C. Leung, MD
Joseph A. Lieberman III, MD, MPH
Richard Y. McConnell, MD
Eugene Mochan, PhD, DO
Prashanth R. Mopala, MD
John Mosby, MD
Dale P. Murphy, MD
Anita Nelson, MD
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
David T. Nash, MD
Morris Papernik, MD
Jacqueline G. Parthemore, MD
Thomas L. Petty, MD
Michael F. Picco, MD, PhD
Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS
D. Brady Pregerson, MD
L. Michael Prisant, MD
Robert E. Rakel, MD
Sujatha Ramesh, MD
Robert E. Reisman, MD
Wayne Reynolds, DO
Dale Rice, MD
Diana Rinkevich, MD
Robert J. Rogers, MD, FACP
Ted Rosen, MD
Marti Jill Rothe, MD
Ronald N. Rubin, MD
Gary E. Ruoff, MD
Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
Joseph D. Schmidt, MD
Robert T. Segraves, MD, PhD
Timothy H. Self, PharmD
Edward J. Shahady, MD
Leonid Skorin Jr, DO
Clark Smith, MD
Christopher Snell, PhD
André N. Sofair, MD
Todd P. Stitik, MD
Michael B. Strauss, MD
Stephen B. Sulavik, MD
Nicole Touchet, MD
Edward L. Trimble, MD
Donald G. Vidt, MD
Edward M. Weaver, MD, MPH
Michael H. Weisman, MD
Stuart Weiss, MD
Herbert White, MD, MPH
Russell D. White, MD
James T. Willerson, MD
Robert J. Wolfson, MD
William Yaakob, MD
Barbara P. Yawn, MD
Durgamani K. Yellumahanthi, MD
Richard J. Zimmer, DO