Obtaining Testimonials From Your Patients: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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There’s hardly a day that goes by that patients don’t make positive comments and compliments on the care that they have received in our offices. Most of the time, we glibly say “thank you” and move on. I (NHB) am suggesting that you can turn those compliments into testimonials for your Website. When a patient offers a compliment to me or my staff, he or she is given a form that’s in every exam room (Figure) and the patient is asked whether we can use that compliment as a testimonial on the Website. I usually write out verbatim what the patient says and ask him or her to sign and date the form. This gives me signed permission and enables the patient to read what he or she said to be certain that he or she is comfortable with the verbiage. I have used this several dozen times and have never had a patient refuse permission. For examples of testimonials, please go to my Website: