Insulin Management

New Options for Patients With Severe Insulin Resistance

Concentrated insulin is an important tool for managing severe insulin resistance in type-2 diabetes cases. If a patient needs more than 200 units/mL each day, using the standard U-100 forms of insulin may be a burdensome therapy regimen. In this video, Dr. Cavaiola describes some of the potential benefits of two newly approved basal insulins.

In 2015, two new basal insulins (Toujeo and Tresiba) were approved for the treatment of diabetes. Toujeo is a new insulin glargine that is available in a U-300 concentration that can reduce a patient's need to inject more than once per day. Tresiba is an insulin degludec analogue that has been used in Europe since 2013 with promising results, and has just recently become available in the US. Both of these new therapies have shown the ability to reduce a patient's risk of developing hypoglycemia.

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