Callused Heels

Practical Pointers

What’s Shaking? A Test for Fine Tremors

Gopi Rana-Mukkavilli, MD
New York, New York

Patients with benign essential tremor or Graves disease can have tremors so fine that they are easily missed on physical examination. A simple way to detect such tremors is to place a thin piece of paper on the patient's outstretched hands (palms up). The paper will shake if the patient has a tremor.



Help Heal Callused Heels

Joe Knight, PA-C
Chowchilla, California

Thick, dry calluses on the heel can be painful and can bleed if they crack. I have found this at-home treatment effective. Tell patients to use 60-grade aluminum dioxide sandpaper on a sanding block to remove the bulk of the callus. Next, have them soak the affected foot in warm water for 10 minutes-or take a bath or shower. After patting dry the callused area, they can apply a small amount of hair gel that contains lanolin, then put on socks.



To BB, or Not to BB: An Answer to a Deep Question

Donald J. Kovacs, MD
Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

Pellets from a BB gun can lodge too deep in the flesh to be retrieved with ordinary forceps. However, the spoon end of a comedo extractor fits BBs perfectly; it can be used to snare a pellet and remove it from the wound with little tissue damage.



Void Where Prohibited

Christopher J. Pham, DO
Warren, Michigan

Here's an effective and fun way to help toddlers with toilet training. Tell parents to pour colored shampoo into the toilet bowl and ask their child to urinate into it to make bubbles.