Hani Raoul Khouzam psychiatry

Author and psychiatry professor, Dr Hani Raoul Khouzam, discusses 7 lessons he has learned during his 26-year career at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

International Symbol for Deafness

Patients with deafness pose a unique health care challenge. In this commentary,...

Manpreet Kaur Ovaries Commentary

Medical students, physicians, nurses, PAs, and other medical team members sacrifice birthdays, holidays, and relationships to give a precious gift to another family, yet many of their own lives remain incomplete.

Susan Sloane diabetes

In this commentary, author and diabetes educator Susan B. Sloane discusses 4 lessons she learned early on while taking care of her sons with diabetes. To read her story, click here.

Marlene Rabinovitch

In this commentary, Dr Marlene Rabinovitch talks about the importance of pediatric pulmonary hypertension research efforts in uncovering molecular pathways that lead to developmental and inflammatory mechanisms of...

Roberta Keller

In this commentary, Dr Roberta Keller discusses the Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension Guidelines published by the American Heart Association and American Thoracic Society.

Colin Meyer pulmonology

In this commentary, Dr Colin Meyer discusses the process of how a drug goes from invention to market.

Kristi Artz MD

Consultant360 recently spoke with Kristi Artz, MD, CCMS, about her experience with the CCMS program.

James Woods and Charla Johnson

Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight involves the daily practice of mindful behaviors. Mindfulness is all about making conscious decisions with full awareness and acceptance of your emotions and fears.

Deb Brown American Lung Association

On February 28, 2018, the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE published its inaugural “State of Lung Cancer,” which shows how the toll of lung cancer varies by state. 

Scott Manaker
Dr. Scott Manaker is an actively practicing pulmonary and critical care physician in the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia