Bedwetting in Nicaragua

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A 9-year-old girl was brought in by her Aunt because she wet her underwear by day and her bed at night. Seventy-five percent of my Calgary practice is day and night wetting, so this was a terrific opportunity to compare the cultures. There was no difference. The girl only pooped once a week and she drank only 500 ml a day. This is so predictable back home and great for me to confirm in Nicaragua.

This week I saw two toddlers with Herpangina, a throat infection caused by Coxsackie virus. Coxsackie virus is common in Canada and is more often seen in the summer months. Now is the Nicaraguan summer. The virus causes a fever and sore throat and the there are tiny sores in the back of the throat on the palate that are diagnostic of the infection. The tiny sores are white circles surrounded by a red area. When only the throat is involved the infection is referred to as Herpangina. Sometimes there is a rash on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hand and in this situation the infection is called Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Antibiotics will not help and fever control and hydration are the mainstays of treatment.

I cannot believe my two weeks is almost over. Seems like I arrived yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun.