Lamentation of An Addict


Where have you gone my dearest friend?

I knew this would happen; now darkness descends.

Like an oracle lost,

You have deserted me when I needed you most.

In distress, I beg for you

Conniving, just for a few.

Why did we have to meet that frightful night?

When I broke my leg in a fight.

I hesitated… but finally gave in,

My spirit was then crushed and thin.

Three times a day, you provided ease and sleep

I was able to walk and eventually take a leap.

Your companionship meant the whole world to me,

Parting with you is certainly not pain free.

Meeting three times a day was not enough.  I wanted more.

You were locked up, but we somehow managed through the back door.

Shattered and ruined, I curl on the floor,

Ravaged by pain and profusely sweating through my pore.

The cruel world now stands between us

I simply can’t understand the fuss.

Come back to me, my remedy and friend,

My Norco, my addiction, let’s not pretend.


John A. Goritsas MD and Sayed K. Ali MD, FACP