Getting the Most out of Your CME

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Ever attend a meeting and think that there were several ideas that you planned to implement as soon as you returned to the office only to find that nothing was accomplished when you got back on the practice treadmill? Well, that can all change if you have an action plan that you take to each meeting. You enter the few ideas that that you want to use or try and then commit those ideas to paper and give yourself deadlines for accomplishing those actions. A sample of an action plan is shown above. We also suggest that your staff complete the form when they attend a meeting and bring back their to-do list and what they plan to accomplish within the practice. Bottom line: An idea is like a slippery fish. Unless you stab it with a pencil and put the ideas down on paper, they will slip away. Using a post-meeting action plan is one of the easiest ways to take an idea from the meeting and see that the idea takes root.