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Editor's Commentary

PediatricsConsultant360.com is your link to Consultant For Pediatricians online. The site provides unrestricted access to all the articles in our current issue and issue archive, and finding articles on any topic is easy using the search box on the home page. Interacting with fellow colleagues who read and contribute to the journal is also easy online. Here are a few ways you can engage in this dialogue:

Blog. We have 3 blogs written by 3 dedicated pediatricians on the Editorial Board of Consultant for Pediatricians. With each post, our bloggers cover a new topic and invite your feedback:

Linda S. Nield, MD, Series Editor of “Parent Coach” (see “Strength Training in Children”), writes about tough issues in pediatrics. In her latest post “‘A-maze-ing’ Immunization,” she describes the difficulty she has had with mastering the “maze” of vaccine schedules and calls on readers to pass along any tips. How do you keep these schedules straight?

Golder N. Wilson, MD, PhD, Series Editor of “Congenital Disorders Quick Quiz,” wishes to promote a greater understanding of childhood genetic disease. In his short photo quizzes, he provides a clinical presentation and prompts readers to make a diagnosis; he follows this with a brief discussion. In his latest post, he describes 2 patients with short stature who have 2 different diagnoses. Can you identify the genetic disorder in each patient?

Lane M. Robson, MD shares his volunteer experience serving as a pediatrician in a rural clinic in Nicaragua. In his post “Learning Spanish,” for instance, he describes the importance of having a good interpreter when there is a language barrier between physician and patient/family. He would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions in support of his efforts. 

To read or comment on our blogs, visit: PediatricsConsultant360.com/blogs.

Post a comment. Perhaps you will have an opinion on this month’s featured article “Acute Otitis Media: 6 Steps to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy” that you would like to share. To post a comment on a blog or article, simply type your response in the comment box below the text of the article. If you have not registered to use our site, you will be asked to log in. This is a quick, one-time registration process. Once your comment is posted, we will contact the authors to see whether they would like to respond.

Submit your case. We invite you to contribute short cases to us for possible publication in our
Photo features. Your submissions will reviewed by our Series Editors Deepak M. Kamat, MD, PhD (Photoclinic) or Kirk Barber, MD (Dermclinic). Please see our Author Guidelines for instructions.

To see previously published cases, scroll through the photos in our online databases: PediatricsConsultant360.com/photoclinic and PediatricsConsultant360.com/dermclinic.

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So please accept our invitation to connect online—and join us!

Linda Geisler