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A Photo Quiz to Celebrate 10 Years

It may be a surprise to some of our readers that Consultant For Pediatricians has been in publication for 10 years. This may seem like nothing compared to The New England Journal of Medicine’s 200 years, but even small accomplishments deserve some recognition, right? After all, we reward children for their accomplishments regardless of size.

That the journal survived a turbulent market and many changes in the field of pediatrics and in medicine in general is something to celebrate. At least, we think it is worth celebrating. For fun, we offer you a special quiz honoring the past 10 years of Consultant For Pediatricians.

The 10 front covers shown, 1 from each year of publication, have many wonderful photos of cases submitted by you—our readers. The photos are of real patients with conditions you have probably diagnosed and treated in your practice at some point. Can you guess the diagnosis of the featured photo on each cover?

See how many you can guess, then go to the next page to find the diagnoses of all 10.

Feeling pretty good about your diagnostic skills and want to test them further? You may recognize some of the conditions in these photos, but can you guess the diagnoses of all 70 of them?

For the pediatric practitioner with super diagnostic abilities (and a super amount of free time) who is the first to come up with all 70 correct diagnoses, lunch is on us! For your answer to count, it must be posted on our web site in the comment section for this article “A Photo Quiz to Celebrate 10 Years.” The first person to do so will receive a free lunch. The restaurant will be chosen by us and will be located in the tri-state area.

If the reader is outside this area, then we will work out another way to award the free lunch.

The savvy test taker already knows that it is not actually 70 total diagnoses. It’s only 60 because 10 of the diagnoses are in this article. So put your thinking caps on and good luck!

And thanks for your support of Consultant For Pediatricians and for helping us bring our readers 10 years of interesting, educational cases and hundreds of real clinical photos!

We look forward to continuing our journal’s mission next year.

Starting January, our journal will have a new look. Let us know what you think.

We’re always happy to hear from you.
——Linda Geisler
Editorial Director

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december 2011











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necrotizing pneumonia


polymorphic light eruption

pityriasis alba

beckwith wiedemann syndrome

tinea corporis

plexiform neurofibroma



maxillary sinusitis