Making Long-Term Publishing Plans in Service to Primary Care Providers

With 2017 well under way and New Year’s Day now a fast receding memory, we here at Consultant and are deep into planning our content for the rest of the year. As our predecessors here at Consultant have done annually since the journal’s debut nearly 57 years ago, my teammates and I have been busily preparing for another year of service to America’s primary care providers. We’re working on more of the peer-reviewed articles, case reports, photo-based quizzes, columns, and other clinician-authored content that you and your colleagues have counted on us for since 1960.

The practice of medicine has changed rapidly and dramatically over the decades, given advances in technology, our ever-growing understanding of human pathophysiology (including, notably, unlocking life’s very code, the human genome), and the spasmodic evolution of the US health care delivery system. Because of these tectonic changes, the need for the sharing of practical clinical information from experts across all medical specialties has never been more acute, and we at Consultant and are committed to continuing to be your single convenient source for this information.

Along with the clinical content that we will be curating and publishing in print, will continue to offer even more useful information online about the practice of primary care medicine, including late-breaking news and engaging exclusive features such as Nutritional Pearls (by Timothy S. Harlan, MD, the web’s “Dr. Gourmet”), Pearls of Wisdom (by renown educator Louis Kuritzky, MD), and our daily medical trivia calendar, plus podcasts, videos, and more.

And we are excited to announce the availability of the Consultant360 app, which provides instant access to the latest clinical news, articles, and more on your Android or iOS phone or tablet. Download it now for free from Google Play or the App Store, and conveniently take Consultant and Consultant360 along with you while you are on the go.

In addition to reading Consultant in print and digitally, I invite you to join us in person later this year at the Cardiometabolic Risk Summit, powered by Consultant. CRS has become the premiere event for evidence-based CME from the nation’s foremost experts in cardiometabolic care, and this year’s summit is slated for October 20-22 in Dallas, Texas. Learn more about CRS at

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Michael Gerchufsky, ELS, CMPP
Managing Editor, Consultant