Get Consultant for Pediatricians on Your Tablet


Medicine has always been a high-tech vanguard, and you and your colleagues have been among the early adopters of the world’s pioneering advances in technology. It’s been widely reported that three of four physicians now use tablet computers, and as you continue to unlock the health care potential of these devices, Consultant for Pediatricians will be right there with you, delivering the clinical information you have come to rely on. You can now download our free app for your Apple or Android tablet to access full issues and supplements of the journal in digital format.

In addition to offering portability and ease of use, anywhere, anytime, with unlimited access, the tablet edition of the journal lets you view in even greater detail the clinical photographs, diagnostic scans, and other visual information that Consultant for Pediatricians is renowned for. Is that lesion an atypical Spitz nevus or malignant melanoma? Want a closer view of that fracture? Pan with a touch of a finger, and pinch to zoom.

Downloading the app is a snap. If you’re an iPad user, go to the App Store and search for Consultant for Pediatricians. If you have an Android tablet, do the same at Google Play. Then just touch “install.”

In addition to reading Consultant for Pediatricians on your tablet, you can browse current and archived issues, read pediatrics blogs, find exclusive medical resources, and more at Check out our Facebook page (, too, and find us on Twitter (@pediatrics360) for frequent updates and pediatric news.

Making Consultant for Pediatricians available on so many platforms and channels furthers our mission of providing peer-reviewed, authoritative, applied clinical advice that you can use in your daily pediatrics practice. Rest assured, though—even as the publication evolves with the rest of medical technology, our commitment to providing a traditional printed journal to the more than 62,000 pediatricians, pediatric nurse practitioners, and pediatric physician assistants who receive it remains as strong as ever.

Each month, your mail carrier still will deliver your favorite features to your door, including the real-world medical scenarios of “Case In Point,” the image-based quizzes of “What’s Your Diagnosis” and “Dermclinic,” and the instructive clinical photographs submitted by your colleagues in “Photoclinic.”

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and submissions. Reach us at, or e-mail me at Thanks for reading.

—— Michael Gerchufsky, CMPP, ELS