New Bill Reshapes Physician Reimbursements

The US Senate passed a bill that restructures the payment system for healthcare providers and hospitals treating Medicare patients. | Full Article

Maple Syrup Combats Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Researchers examined a concentrated amount of maple syrup to determine the impact on antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. | Full Article

Researchers Find Potential New Prostate Cancer Biomarker

Researchers have discovered a biomarker that may play a role in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. | Full Article

FDA: New Option for Chronic Heart Failure

The US Food and Drug Administration recently approved ivabradine to treat chronic heart failure caused by improper contracting of the left-ventricle and to reduce hospitalization. | Full Article

Brain Protein Levels May Help Predict Alzheimer’s Progression

Researchers have found that cerebrospinal fluid of a certain brain protein level may help predict patients’ progression to Alzheimer’s disease. | Full Article

Preoperative Cataract Testing Trends Contradict Guidelines

A new study examined the lack of adherence to cataract surgery guidelines and estimated the cost of unnecessary testing. | Full Article

Profile Identifies Patients at Greatest Pancreatic Cancer Risk

A team of physicians have developed a profile they say will allow clinicians to separate patients who are either at high risk or low risk of pancreatic cancer. | Full Article

Does HIV/Hep C Infection Affect Kidney Transplant Outcomes?

Researchers analyzed data from 124,035 adults receiving a kidney transplant to determine the effect of HIV and/or hepatitis C infection on survival rates. | Full Article

Could Gestational Diabetes Increase Autism Risk?

Researchers evaluated autism prevalence among children born after exposure to gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes to examine a possible relationship between the 2 conditions. | Full Article

Pearls of Wisdom: Elevated A1c with Well Managed Fasting Blood Sugar

Mary, a 52-year-old obese woman with type 2 diabetes, has been treated for 7 years. What could explain her markedly elevated A1c even though fasting blood sugar (according to her monitoring device) has been well managed? | Full Article

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