CDC Reports Large HIV Outbreak in Indiana

The CDC has issued new recommendations for healthcare providers following investigation of a large outbreak of HIV among injection drug users in southeastern Indiana. | Full Article

Study: Breakthrough Asthma Treatment Discovered

A new “hugely exciting discovery” enables researchers, for the first time, to combat the underlying causes of asthma symptoms. | Full Article

Could Coffee Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence?

Researchers evaluated data from 1090 breast cancer patients to determine the impact of coffee consumption on tumor prevention and recurrence. | Full Article

Warfarin Withdrawal Increases Some A-Fib Patients' Stroke Risk

A team of researchers have found the risk of ischemic stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation goes up significantly when warfarin is discontinued for surgical procedures. | Full Article

Group Issues New Guidelines for Treating First Seizures

Researchers have released new guidelines that recommend physicians discuss the prescribing of medication to reduce risk of additional seizures following a first seizure. | Full Article

New Oxycodone Formulation Decreased Overdose Rates

Oxycodone overdose rates fell significantly when the high-dose opioid painkiller’s manufacturer switched to an abuse-deterrent formulation in 2010, according to a new study. | Full Article

Study: Hepatitis C Is a Cardiovascular Risk Factor

New research investigated a possible association between chronic hepatitis C infection and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. | Full Article

Sugar Vs. Inactivity: Which Causes Obesity?

A new editorial refutes the myth that physical inactivity, not poor diet, causes obesity. | Full Article

How Will ICD-10 Affect Physician Reimbursement?

Experts have begun outlining details of the transition between ICD-9 and ICD-10, explaining the new specific condition requirements and coding for various diseases and how the change will affect Medicare reimbursement and claim processing. | Full Article

FDA Roundup: New Options for Presbyopia, MS

The FDA has approved new options for the treatment of presbyopia and multiple sclerosis, and issued a recall after an outbreak of listeria. | Full Article

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