New research evaluated the effects of moderate alcohol consumption on the structure and function of the heart in older adults. | Full Article

A recent survey conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration tested 88 dark chocolate products for the presence of undeclared milk. | Full Article

New research explored whether supplementation with soy isoflavones could be used to improve outcomes in patients with poorly controlled asthma. | Full Article

Allison is a 36-year-old fair-skinned Caucasian woman who has spent too much time in the sun and has a family history of skin cancer. She presents with a lesion that is moderately suspicious for melanoma on her lip margin. | Full Article

A new study compared the efficacy of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin-receptor blockers in patients with diabetes and chronic kidney disease. | Full Article

Results of a recent study shed light on the long-term risk of Parkinson disease in patients with depression. | Full Article

George, a 35-year-old health-conscious man, is concerned about his risk of developing diabetes, which runs in his family. When asked about his lifestyle, George reports that he eats plenty of fruits and vegetables and makes sure to only eat low-fat dairy products. | Full Article

Researchers evaluated the impact of skipping meals on insulin resistance, glucose production, and abdominal fat. | Full Article

A new study examined the impact of caffeine consumption on the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. | Full Article

Researchers evaluated the effects of lipid-lowering drugs in participants with no history of vascular events on risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. | Full Article

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