ACIP: Use Meningitis B Vaccine Only In Those At High Risk

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended administration of serogroup B meningococcal vaccination only to patients who are at heightened risk for contracting the disease. | Full Article

Study: Diet Plays A Role in Kidney Disease Progression

New research examined the effect diet has on the progression of chronic kidney disease into end-stage renal disease. | Full Article

FDA Approves New System for Varicose Vein Treatment

The FDA has approved a new option for the treatment of individuals with symptomatic superficial varicose veins of the legs. | Full Article

Could Coffee Consumption Decrease Your Chance of Developing MS?

New research tracked levels of coffee consumption and how they related to the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. | Full Article

Better Care, Diagnosis Could Reduce HIV Transmissions

Making improvements in HIV diagnosis and retention in care is as important as reducing high-risk sexual and drug use behaviors in terms of cutting the number of HIV transmissions in the United States, according to new research. | Full Article

Eight Hours of Sleep Linked To 46% Increase In Stroke Risk

Individuals that get more than 8 hours of sleep a night have a significantly higher risk of stroke than those getting an average amount of sleep each night, according to a new study. | Full Article

Struggling With Daily Tasks Linked to Adverse HF Outcomes

Patients with heart failure who struggle to perform daily tasks had a higher risk of hospitalization and early death, according to a recent study. | Full Article

Could ADHD Increase the Risk of Premature Death?

A new study aimed to assess the effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder on the risk of premature mortality. | Full Article

Pearls of Wisdom: Targeting Exercise Heart Rate Without A Treadmill

Is there a simple office test a clinician might employ to ascertain the adequacy of beta blockade upon exercise heart rate without resorting to formal treadmill testing? | Full Article

New Strategy to Combat Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

New research examines a small molecule drug as a potential treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis. | Full Article

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