A recent editorial stressed the need to shift away from the sustained focus on cutting calories rather than emphasizing good nutrition. | Full Article

Recent research reviewed the effectiveness of epidural corticosteroid injections in adults with radicular low back pain or spinal stenosis. | Full Article

Researchers evaluated the effects of drinking 500 ml of water before main meal on weight loss efforts in obese adults. | Full Article

New research has identified 3 distinct subsets of patients with severe asthma, a discovery that could lead to the development of new biologic therapies. | Full Article

A recent pair of studies analyzed the effects of nutritional supplementation and exercise on cognition in older adults. | Full Article

Recent research examined the association between smoking and angina and health status after myocardial infarction. | Full Article

Researchers evaluated data from 13,099 elderly adults to examine the use of statins for primary care prevention among those with and without vascular disease. | Full Article

Joe is an overweight 36-year-old man who has struggled with weight for most of his life. When asked about his eating habits, he says that while he does eat a lot of sugary foods, he always chooses the options with “natural” and “healthy” ingredients like honey over those with refined, processed sugars. | Full Article

New research examined the effects of severe diabetes on bone health and fracture risk. | Full Article

A recent survey reported on the quality of patient-physicians relationships among obese patients, and whether these relationships could affect weight loss efforts. | Full Article

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