The FDA has approved a new balloon device for the treatment of obesity without invasive surgery. | Full Article

Recent research examined the efficacy of e-interventions in managing alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorders, compared with controls. | Full Article

A new study examined the health benefits of recommended levels of exercise for elderly patients, and whether lower recommendations could still benefit mortality rates. | Full Article

In a 17-year study, researchers evaluated the relationship between weight cycling and incidence for overall cancer and individual cancers. | Full Article

A recent study examined the possible connection between a common medication used to treat patients with dementia and the risk of significant, harmful weight loss. | Full Article

John is a 22-year-old college senior struggling to lose weight before he graduates. He tells you that many of his daily meals consist of prepackaged food sold at his school’s convenience store. When asked how he chooses which meals to purchase, he says that he buys whatever catches his eye, and never looks at the nutritional information. | Full Article

A recent study examined the efficacy of a new combo drug for the treatment of patients with HIV and hepatitis C virus coinfection. | Full Article

The USPSTF has released a new recommendation updating its guidelines from 2009 on the screening of adults for depression. | Full Article

Recent research examined the association between change or constant habits in coffee consumption and the incidence of mild cognitive impairment. | Full Article

A recent study compared the effects of long-term high and low dietary salt consumption on the risk of developing hypertension. | Full Article

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