A recent study examined the effects of light physical activity on memory and age-related cognition in older adults. | Full Article

Researchers examined the dietary effects of daily consumption of walnuts with or without efforts to decrease calorie intake, in a recent study. | Full Article

The FDA has approved new options for the treatment of seasonal influenza, squamous non-small cell lung cancer, and for the prevention of anthrax disease. | Full Article

A new study examined the risk of anxiety, depression, and stress among daughters of women who were older than 30 when they gave birth. | Full Article

Results of a recent study provide novel insights into the mechanisms of pain in knee osteoarthritis. | Full Article

A recent study examined the potential cardiovascular benefits of consuming a variety of seaweed as part of a regular diet. | Full Article

A recent study examined long-term outcomes in women who experience heart attack or stroke early in life. | Full Article

New guidelines from the American College of Physicians examine the use of generic drugs and how they influence treatment adherence. | Full Article

Robert is a 30-year-old overweight man struggling to lose weight. At his most recent check-up, he brings up his difficulty determining appropriate serving sizes for many of the foods that he eats. | Full Article

A recent study evaluated the effect of vitamin D supplements on the risk of catching the common cold in patients with asthma. | Full Article

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